Evolve Software is a custom software development and consulting company based in the UK, that provide technical services to cover the whole spectrum of the software development lifecycle. We come from a solid development background, predominantly using Microsoft's .Net stack, but also realise the need to help clients complete the delivery of their applications in a cost effective way.

Engagement with our clients varies from one to the next, but we always strive to solve their problems with innovative solutions and simple approaches. It's very easy to obfuscate processes and retain knowledge, but we believe that being open and honest and educating our clients as much as we can is the way to build a trustworthy and long lasting partnership.

Our ultimate aim is to empower you with the ability to respond in your marketplace, by becoming more agile and competitive throughout the complete software development lifecycle. To be able to react quickly is what will give you the edge over your competitors in today's technological age.

Taking an idea and creating something from it are the first steps in software development. We can help you articulate your requirements into formal specifications.

From initial mock ups to clickable models that look and feel like the real thing, our design team can produce beautiful responsive designs that work across multiple platforms.

Our developers can then turn these ito fully working applications that adhere to the defined formal specifications.

We approach development with the due care and attention it deserves, ensuring quality is built in through automated test processes.

Application monitoring is plumbed into the heart of applications to ensure we know when something's not working as expected.

Our Services

Cloud Computing

We'll enable you to take advantage of cloud computing platforms. We'll audit, advise and even manage your resources to ensure the cloud delivers both financial and performance benefits.

DevOps Automation

We'll help you to automate your processes, from provisioning infrastructure to continuously deploying and delivering .net applications with a continuous integration pipeline.

TeamCity Training

We provide custom training on products that underpin devops and automation such as TeamCity, Octopus Deploy and Redgate DLM, helping you deliver your applications reliably.

Application Health Check

We can perform a health check on projects that may have stalled or never delivered as you imagined. We'll audit, advise and even manage your application to ensure it delivers.

Web Design and SEO

We provide custom web designs that are SEO compliant and can even run them directly on top of Umbraco CMS, providing a complete bespoke solution that puts you in full control.

Custom Software Development

We provide custom software development for businesses. Our software engineers are experts that work with you every step of the process to ensure your project is delivered successfully.